Writing a Crime Novel

To anyone who wonders why I am not writing fanfic right now, I am currently in the (slow) process of writing my very own Crime Novel.

It is Called 6* of separation : Cold Killer, and is about a Lead Agent in a fictional Unit of the FBI, called the MCU, who is going after a serial Killer that she thought dead 19 years before.  Here is a sneak peak to anyone who wants a taste. This is a snippet from the first chapter:

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First Entry

This is my first entry into my LJ journal, despite the fact that I have been on LJ for quite a few years. I never saw the need to write in it, since I didn't have any friends on this site. now that I am going to be Co-Moderating on ncisficfind with a few others, I decided that I will start using it. I have no clue what I will put here, but I guess I'll just write what I end up writing.